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Creative Learning Montessori School – Potential Realized

Located in Barrington, Illinois, Creative Learning Montessori School provides Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs with excellence in education and childcare through a dedication to academic, social, and emotional growth.

Creative Learning Montessori’s strong academic foundation is based on an individualized education for each child in a respectful, peaceful learning environment designed to assist each child in reaching their unique potential.

What people are saying about Creative Learning Montessori School

I was a student at CLMS but am now in middle school. At CLMS we researched and wrote many reports. Now writing reports in middle school comes a lot easier to me than many of my classmates.

- 2009 Upper Elementary graduate

Our daughter started at Creative Care when she was two and continued on into the Creative Learning Montessori School elementary program. We found the school to be everything we were looking for and more. The nurturing and caring staff as well as personalized attention set a solid foundation for our daughter to very successfully transition into the public school system. The respect for others and love for learning that CLMS impressed upon her is still going strong!

- 2009 Alumni family

What our daughter gained from attending CLMS was not only an outstanding education, but a lifetime of valuable knowledge of virtues. She learned to embrace everything around her and gain from experiences, cultures, others passions and handicaps. She has compassion for others and knows the importance of working together for the happiness of everyone. Our daughter entered Middle School enthusiastically, unintimidated, open minded, secure, respectful and educated. Thank you CLMS!

- 2010 Graduate and Family

Our children attended Creative Learning Montessori’s lower and upper elementary programs and were well equipped with the knowledge, confidence and leadership required to be successful in public school.

- an Alumni Family

Our daughter spent 12 years at Creative Care/Creative Learning Montessori School. Our gratitude spans from a mass potty training by Lisa when she was two to learning to ride a bicycle and finally to giving her the opportunity to learn confidently. Self esteem was the greatest gift of her teachings. Her transition to a large public high school was smooth and she graduated with honors. She returns to work at Creative Care from time to time. She is a caring, compassionate and independent young woman. Thank you Creative Care and Creative Learning Montessori School!

- 2006 Alumni Family

This is a perfect example of a school that successfully combines independence with a warm, nurturing learning environment. The teachings go beyond those of a typical classroom, and continuously emphasize character of the individual.

- Alumni family, Lower Elementary

Our experience working with the teachers and students of Creative Learning Montessori School has been nothing less than exceptional. The students have been involved in intergenerational visits at Prairieview at The Garlands for the past several years. From Kindergarteners on up to 6th grade, the children interact with our seniors with respect and love, whether it’s a bowling tournament on our Memory Care unit or a special holiday craft in Assisted Living. Our members look forward to these visits, and so do the children. The visits help our members know they are part of the greater Barrington community.

- Lisa Geisler, Activity Director, Prairieview at The Garlands

We all really enjoy the children coming to visit PrairieView at the Garlands. All of our residents really look forward to seeing them. None of the kids are shy; they go right up to everyone and introduce themselves. They all have wonderful manners and are very polite. Several of the ladies talk about their experiences with the children for days after and can't wait until the next time they come to visit. There's one lady that always says to me about the children's visit, "I wouldn't miss it for the world". Thanks for enriching our residents lives and making their day. We love your visits.

- Cindi - Activity Assistant, PrairieView at the Garlands

I firmly believe Creative Learning Montessori School gave me the best elementary education possible. The Montessori teachers at the school are all kind, accepting, and caring. The students are always friendly to new-comers, but a tight knit group at the same time. I am proud to have spent six years of my life learning and living at Creative Learning.

- Ari, Alumni K-5th

From the moment my daughter began attending, she was welcomed and made to feel as if she had been there forever. I have watched her grow and become quite the smart, loving little girl thanks to the wonderful teaching capabilities of every single person she came into contact with. I will always make sure to express an immense amount of praise about Montessori as well as your school, including the excellent quality in which the growth of the children is achieved. To all the people who have been a part of my daughter’s life, please accept my deepest gratitude for a job well done…you all played a very big role in allowing her to adjust to life’s changes by maintaining a steady, consistent and very caring environment for her to feel comfortable and loved. It really made an immense difference to all of us, and I know that in the days to come, she will continue to evolve as a very caring and empathetic person…qualities that I am extremely proud of and owe in large part to all of you.

- 2011 Alumni Family

If only CLMS would have allowed teasing, my daughter wouldn't be stressing over tomorrow's health assignment! She has to write a paper about being teased, how she handled it and how maybe she could have handled it better. She said she told her teacher that she didn't think she's ever been teased and ..."at her old school they try very hard to make sure that no one teases"! Hopefully something will come to mind real soon otherwise, I'm going to have to tease her! Also, she made the middle school basketball team! Should be fun! Hope all is well and I hope you all realize how every day we are seeing what a wonderful job you've done with M. to prepare her for her future! We're taking great pride in her, but you all should be too!

- 2009 Alumni Family

This is a perfect example of a school that successfully combines independence with a warm, nurturing learning environment. The teachings go beyond those of a typical classroom, and continuously emphasize character of the individual.

- 2009 Alumni Family

After switching from a public school to Creative Learning Montessori, I learned that school wasn’t a horrible place at all. I could walk through the door in the morning with a smile painted on my face and leave with that same smile when three o’clock rolled around. I could wake up at six o’clock AM without being dragged out of bed. I could be around people who loved me, the kind of people everyone wishes for. You know, the kind that beg to show you around school on the first day, the kind that help you up when you trip and give you a band-aid when you scrape your knee, the kind that put their arm around you when you’re sad and tell you funny stories to try to make you smile again. When I was at my previous school, I forgot about these kinds of people. I’m so glad I begged my parents to let me come here, and I’m even gladder they said yes. Thank you for making this the most wonderful two-and-a-half years of school, or possibly my life, Creative Learning! You defiantly live up to your name!

- 2009 Upper Elementary Graduate

PREK-Early Child Program

Early Childhood Programs

Programs for children from infancy through preschool, with full day, year round Montessori based childcare and education:

PREK-Early Child Program

Elementary School

Serves children from Kindergarten through 6th grade with an individualized, holistic approach to education that finds equal importance in the academic, social, and emotional growth of each of our students. Also available for our elementary students is on-site childcare for non-school days and our “Creative Summers” program:

PREK-Early Child Program

CLMS Montessori

Based on the premise that education is a natural process, and that children want to learn, CLMS classrooms are filled with confident, self-motivated, independent, joyful learners. CLMS blends its Montessori-based curriculum with multiple other philosophies in child development and education to create what we firmly believe creates the best possible environment for our students to reach their highest potential.