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Elementary Extended Day & Summer

Elementary Extended Day

The Elementary Extended Day Program is provided for children needing care on either end of the school day. Recognized as an important part of a child’s day, it offers time for the elementary child to follow his or her own interests from burning off steam with physical activities to quiet play with a few friends to some alone time to snuggle up with a book.

From 7:30 to 8:30 am and 3:00 to 5:15 pm as well as holidays when school is not in session.


Creative Learning Montessori School extends the services offered for our elementary age students to include childcare for before & after school as well as on days when school is not in session. This service meets the needs of working parents as well as giving a familiar environment for children to continue their friendships beyond the activities of class time. Children participate in our child care program for a variety of reasons including scheduling needs of their parents and simply “play date” time.

The joys of extending time with their classmates are many for our students. The child care service allows for tightening the bonds of friendship even more through free play, group games, and collaboration on projects. It also meets the needs of children who enjoy time on their own by offering independent time to cozy up with a book or work on an independent craft. A recognition of the variety of needs of a child spending long days in a group setting leads to the long range planning and day to day activities of the children.


Children that are currently enrolled, as well as students who have previously been enrolled in our programs, are welcome to attend our elementary child care program on non-school days (during the school year as well as in the summer).We also accept children that do not have a history with our school on a limited basis for these days if space allows.

Attendance can usually be accommodated, but numbers are restricted by a student/staff ratio that must be followed, so advance notice of your request for attendance allows us to better provide for your child.

Tuition is charged monthly after services are provided and is only charged for the days used.


Inside and outside time is planned into each day.

Childcare time is a careful blend of planned, organized activities and supervised free play. Observation of the group would reveal children engaged in various activities at the same time; some playing together, some on their own, others working on an adult directed craft or game. We are committed to providing time for children to make their own choices and flow from one activity to another following their interests.


As a convenience to our families, we often contract outside services to offer enrichment classes on site to the after school children. These classes have included chess club, drama club, guitar lessons & yoga classes. The classes are offered as an option and children are enrolled directly with the organizations that provide the service.


Helping children strengthen skills and engage in positive social interaction is a top priority of our program. During the elementary years children need the opportunity to make decisions, consider and act on emotional impact, and explore these thoughts. The staff works to provide supervision and guidance while still allowing the autonomy and independence that allows for true growth.

The highest of expectations helps to assure a happy experience for all.

Elementary Summer Program

Check back soon for information on Summer 2022 plans!!