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Our Philosophy

CLMS Philosophy & Education

Italian physician Dr. Maria Montessori, began observing children in her role as a doctor. It wasn’t until the first part of the 20th century, after many years of studying children, that she developed an innovative educational model based on her observations. At its core, Dr. Montessori’s model is based on the premise that education is a natural process, that children WANT to learn and that all humans possess an innate desire to interact with the world around them leading to greater understanding and knowledge. This revolutionary notion of development was further supported by the findings of famous child psychologists including Erik Erickson and Jean Piaget. Dr. Montessori believed that if children were placed in a learning environment filled with developmentally appropriate materials designed to stimulate logical thought and discovery through concrete exploration, that the result would be children who were confident, self-motivated, independent, joyful learners. This is the belief that is the bedrock of our CLMS programs. Knowing that over the years many others have also formed amazing concepts in the development, education, and care of children, CLMS does not hesitate to incorporate other philosophies to compliment and coordinate with our Montessori based curriculum; we firmly believe that this blend creates the best possible program for our students.

The success of the educational model designed by Dr. Maria Montessori is illustrated by the people who have been educated through Montessori schools.

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