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PRE-Primary Overview & Schedule

licensed for 14 children ages 2.5 to 4 years

At the pre-primary level, many aspects of the child’s development are focused on. At CLMS a developing sense of self-esteem is considered most important and is the cumulative result of children become socially and academically comfortable and becoming self-thinkers. This program begins to

introduce children to academics through a Montessori-based class time, organized group times, art and crafts, and other more structured parts of their day. Sight is not lost of the importance of play in this age group with dramatic and creative play is woven through the day where the activities are determined by the direction a child’s imagination leads him.

This setting is the perfect entry into the “classroom” with a blend of activities including age appropriate academics and play.

The programming in this room is a careful mix of structure and spontaneity. Observation of the children is what leads our day’s schedule, with length of time spent in any particular activity adjusted to interest, ability, energy levels and interactions of the children as a group as well as the individuals involved. Montessori’s philosophy of “follow the lead of the child” is constantly employed.


Lessons are presented in full group, small group and individual lessons. After the initial presentation, learning materials are available to the children for continued exploration and repetition of use that is so important to acquiring true understanding. Children are encouraged to follow their interests and are introduced to learning in the areas of practical life, sensorial, language, math, science, art and geography. The importance of play is recognized, with activities and space available for dramatic and creative play where the activities are determined by the direction that a child’s imagination leads him.

Daily outside time

Outside play ensures the ability to release energy and develop motor skills. The play yard setting is a wonderful place to experience and strengthen social skills as children have opportunities to interact in small groups, participate in organized games or enjoy some alone time.

Young Primary Daily Schedule

Time Schedule
7:30-9:00 Drop off, Free Play, Handwashing, Breakfast
9:00-9:15 Group Time, Songs, Jumper, Etc
9:15-10:15 “Work” Time - School Year
Projects & Play - Summer
10:15-10:30 Bathroom & Diapers
10:30-11:30 Outside Play
11:30-11:45 Story Time, Handwashing
11:45-12:15 Lunch
12:15-12:30 Bathroom, Diapering, Books on Cots
12:30-2:30 Naps
2:30-3:30 Wake-up, Bathroom, Diapering, Snacks
3:30-5:15 Free Play, Projects, Inside/Outside Play


A strong self-esteem grows with the growth of independence and responsibility in young children so activities in this group are focused on this development. Children are helped to develop abilities in self-care and care of their environment.

Children in the young primary group are becoming increasingly social. Respect for others is developing and being practiced. The skills needed to be a positive member of a social group are introduced, reviewed and practiced on an ongoing basis through daily experiences as well as lessons given through role playing and conversation. The consistent modeling of favorable social skills is an important part of the role of the adults with these young learners.

Group times

Multiple gatherings may be held each day so activities can be experienced without the length of attendance being beyond the capabilities of the children. Group time may include singing, reciting rhymes, gross and small-motor games, story reading and lessons. Again, careful observation is employed to fit the activities to the group.

The joys of children

who are entering a more independent and social time of their life are many. Our program prioritizes celebrating these joys.